Quality Commitment:

Tri-America Contractors' Quality Control team of long- serving, skilled professionals is well known in  the industry to be one of excellence, meeting the standards and codes required by the customer's request. Assuring strict quality standards is the objective to our clients to receive their product on time and ensuring  complete customer satisfaction.

Tri-America Contractors ensures that quality is always attained and maintained by means of planned inspections during production and installation activities. These processes are verified with predefined standards/codes and findings and observations are properly documented.


Quality Work:

Over the years we have established ourselves as a consistent, experienced, quality performer in the complex area of piping fabrication. This requires a continuous commitment to the evaluation and improvement of our technology, equipment, and quality processes with a goal of maintaining our role as the leader in this industry. Our welders are certified in ASME section IX, and we maintain ASME code welding stamps (S), (R), and (U).  All quality control technicians are certified QC-1 CWI, and/or  ASNT,  TC-1A  level II  inspectors for Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrate, and Visual Inspection.

Challenge our resources. We are certain you will be pleased with our performance.